A lot of rappers do try to do too much. Honestly it’s a little annoying and T-Hood is here to set the record straight. His new visual for his record “Doing Too Much” was shot by WhoIsColtC. T-Hood gives you nothing but raw and uncut energy. Which is much needed these days. With so many artist copying each other, you need someone original. T-Hood flows and lingo is like no other. On top of that he has one dread, and he’s had it for a while. This is not a gimmick, this is the new face of Atlanta. T-Hood is a pure artist that takes his craft serious and nobody is stopping his shine. Today, T-Hood felt like shaking up things a little by dropping this visual. It’s for his record “Doing Too Much” and I’m not sure if it’s on his up and coming project “Flexx God Mafia”. Feels like a warm up, because he’s dropped the trailer on his IG a while back.

The visual takes place at a secluded spot in Atlanta. The city is big like that. T-Hood pulls out a back pack full boof pack and accessories to go along. It’s a must you drip your sauce in your videos and T-Hood has no issues doing that. He rolls up a big backwood that burnt the entire video is what it seemed. It’s a performance shot style visual with plenty of angles from the director. T-Hood raps about rappers doing to much and even some of his vices. From doing so any drugs, to can’t staying away from women. Everything about the record and video is honesty and nothing more. T-hood is known around Atlanta for his hard work and consistency. He’s no rookie to the rap game and he’s went viral a few times. The sky is truly the limit for T-Hood.

After this visual does the numbers it should. More labels will be calling T-Hood phone. Bidding wars are going on now for T-Hood and Atlanta has his back. Soon as you hit play you will notice the production sounds like no other. It’s a entire new sound coming out of Atlanta that won’t be copied. T-Hood is working close with DJ Plugg on his up and coming project “Flexx Goo Mafia”. That could drop at anytime. In the meantime, everyone should check out the visual and support the T-Hood. 2018 will be a huge year for T-Hood. Unlike most rappers that run to NY and LA. T-Hood is keeping his sauce in the Atlanta. He has big plans and the future will only tell the rest. Get with the movement now so you won’t be a band wagon fan. Sits are filling up fast. With local radio stations behind him and and club DJ’s locked in. There is no stopping T-Hood and his blessing to come. Do yourself a favor now and check out the visual for ‘Doing Too Much” now.

Texas and California book T-Hood today! and follow him on IG. He’s all the entertainment you need.