Atlanta, sometimes referred to as the “New Hollywood”, offers many music festivals to keep you busy this summer.

On May 13th & 14th, the annual Sweet Auburn SpringFest extends the opportunity to all who attend one out of the two things: either simply showing up and having a good time, or a chance to perform. If you choose to simply show and enjoy the festivities- the event will feature art, food, and music from all genres. The music festival has been known for such since its start over thirty years ago. Furthermore, it is held in the same district as Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthplace. Though this is a multi-genre event, the festival is especially known for hosting upcoming Hip Hop acts, as well as R&B and Gospel performers. And to top it off, the Sweet Auburn SpringFest, held this Mother’s Day weekend, is free to the public.

This year, 90s R&B group Soul For Real will be performing on Saturday, May 13th. And according to the official Sweet Auburn SpringFest site, anyone looking to perform at this year’s music festival should e-mail for more information.

Additionally, if you are looking to attend a music festival for a cause- look to the MX Afterparty. This event will take place following the Malcolm X Festival on May 20th & 21st, a celebration in honor Malcolm X’s birthday (May19th).  All funds raised during the MX Afterparty, according to EventBrite, will go to the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The event will feature a variety of music styles including Hip Hop and Dance Hall.

Lastly, the Hip Hop Cares Music Festival will also take place in Atlanta this summer, June 9th & 10th for the second year in a row. It’s a community based event meant to raise awareness on specific social topics with a focus on “Unity Against Police Brutality” this time around.   Held at Vision Studios, check EventBrite for more details.

Anora Blazin