Regardless Of How You Feel About Azealia Banks, You Can’t Deny That She Has Bars.

After a long drought with no music and a lot of controversy, Azealia Banks returns with “Chi Chi” and there’s nothing but bars in her lyrics. The song basically describes the classic drug dealer’s dream complete with helicopter trips to the Caribbean and expensive cars & clothes.  But almost the whole time, she’s spitting bars full with alliteration.

She takes a few shots at somebody on the track, as well. It could be aimed at the rap industry on a whole or somebody in particular as a sub. However, who or whom she’s aiming these shots at is unknown because she’s had beef with almost every notable female rapper this decade but we’re not going to find out. She’s not giving fame to these rappers as she says on the song.

It’s good to see Azealia Banks reminding people why she was up next a few years ago and instead of stirring up some controversy because that’s all we’ve been seeing from her recently. From her thoughts about skin bleaching to the situation involving RZA, it was just bad publicity for a while now and no music. Do you think this song is the start of a comeback or nah? Check the track out below.

Paul Robinson