Written by: Brian Lamont

You may recognize her from BET‘s Hustle in Brooklyn, but make no mistake about Azia’s
mission as she takes life by the reigns living her hustle on and off screen as she makes her way
to the top. This Caribbean marvel is more than meets the eye with an eclectic style, unique
artistry, and hustle mentality.

Azia drops the video for her newest single, “Plates with Snakes” not too long ago and
the song is trending even more. The song is a culmination of her unique island flavor coupled
with her trap chic lyrics. It is an ode to the traditional adages of “snakes in the grass” and “fake
friends.” She explains, “I’ve been in situations where I thought people were themselves, but later
discovered they did not have good intentions for me.” The video depicts her interpretation of
“The Last Supper.” Instead of being surrounded by fake friends, as was Jesus, she dines with
her acquaintances in their true form…snakes.

Check out the exclusive video and single here


Azia has been making music for the last few years and has performed with major artists like Lil
Durk, A Boogie, Juicy J, and Tink. With a voice that transcends the masses, strategic lyrics that
leave imprints on your consciousness, and a swag that can’t be replicated.
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