Could an Offset & Cardi B. wedding special happen?

According to Bill Board, Offset presented the 8-carat ring on stage at their show in Philly on Friday, October 27th. Then, on Saturday, a fan apparently in good favor with the Twitter gods posted to the social media site demanding television coverage. He even suggested a name for the program, “Never Let Migo”. Neither Cardi B. or Offset have shared details since the engagement. That is, apart from a closer look at the engagement ring:

Still, the current lack of specifics hasn’t stopped us from planning their wedding in the meantime. Plus, Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir just made it all the way official.

With “The Wopsters” sharing their moment with us on B.E.T.- fans, of course, want to “feel the love” again with live television coverage of Cardi B. & Offset.

The Shade Room shared a particular post on Instagram yesterday. Then, not only did B.E.T.’s Debra Lee respond to the tweet, but also VH1’s Mona Scott Young.

With B.E.T. having a record-breaking Mane Event, it’s easy to see why VH1 & B.E.T. are willing to air the occasion on either network. On top of that, to fight for the chance to do so- if it takes that. Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event took over social media. According to Nielsen Social, the wedding special ranked second in the Social Content Ratings: Weekly Top Ten Series And Specials for October 16th through 22nd. That’s 1, 243, 000 total interactions across Facebook and Twitter. With the response to Gucci & Keyshia’s wedding, as well as the social media response to Offset’s proposal, it seems a televised ceremony of the two newly engaged Hip Hop stars is what we need to see next.

No pressure though, Cardi.