Well-known songwriter Aly Ryan steps from behind the pen and into the limelight with the release of her brand new song, “No Parachute”.

On “No Parachute”, the German-born songstress spreads a message of empowerment. For people to do as they choose with their lives, to find a place to belong, without carrying to be judged. Showcasing an impressive six-octave vocal range and genius level songwriting abilities. This catchy new tune is the start of Aly creating a world of her own through her original music.

Listen to the debut song from Aly Ryan below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Aly is currently working on her upcoming ​debut​ album, working with the iconic Babyface, along with several other producers and writers on new songs​. In the meantime, “No Parachute” is soaring with over 22k plays on Soundcloud in little over a week since it’s release.