Bad boy aka Pat Muresan,  Romanian-born rapper from Atlanta, released new single, Bad News, from his highly anticipated new project, PrimaDonna. The project is set to be released in November 2019.

Symbolic of a horrible relationship, the title is a great foreshadow of the purpose of the song. The single, was which was produced by Chris Clark (who produced the new track with DaniLeigh and Chris Brown), takes a melodic journey through his past relationships and examines the negative influence outside opinions can play.

A video accompanies the single, shot in black and white, being viewers into the grainy world of Pat. Similar to classic horror 50s horror films, the black and white add to the eeriness of the title. The influence of Andre 3000 on Pat can be seen with the creativity of the video.

Written with lyrical incarcerates, Pat showcases subtle hip hop brilliance with the track. Melodic whims are added to make “Bad News” a complete musical journey that can experience here via TheRapfest.

View Bad News here

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