Bali Baby is on fire and she is not letting up anytime soon. Her audience is getting stronger by the day. Bali Baby stays fresh to death. Hair, nails, and fashion are all starting to come together. Bali Baby has created a brand that will be around for a while. She’s coming out of Atlanta but she has a large fanbase on the east coast. She really like the bride of chucky and she’s staying consistent. It’s a good look for hip hop to have so many females artist. This has to be the first time in hip hop to see so many females rappers. Wish more female greats would support the new young wave of female artist. Bali Baby holds it down female or male she can rap.

Bali Baby latest visual for her record “Stanley Steemer” is raw. She going in on her verse in front of a BMW. She has a solid group guys posted behind her as she raps. Bali Baby has bars and she delivers them on every record. The video opens with an info commercial. Which is pretty hilarious. Bali baby even pulls up to a mansion. The scene in the red room with red hair was dope. She has a nice artistic vision on what she wants to deliver. I’m not sure if Bali baby is signed but she’s running up a check on her haters. Style, song, and video are all lit. Bali Baby should-be on the freshman list for 2018. Her campaign is pretty strong for this 2018 year I must admit. Check out her latest visual below.