Cinematic Music Group signee Jayy Grams has quickly made his presence felt with the constant release of strong music in the last month. Now, the Baltimore native unleashes a brand new EP titled Grime & Basslinez, containing 7 brand new tracks with one lone feature from LOWFi crew member Von Wilda. This is the 2nd EP Jayy has released in the same amount of months — he released his debut EP Good Times almost exactly a month ago on November 17th.

Filled with brash lyricism, creative wordplay and an exuberant amount of passion, Jayy feels like the songs on this project are not only some of his best so far, but enough to really turn heads in the industry.

“Grime & Basslinez to me is a new birth of rap in Baltimore. Good Times was basically to get the fans ready, but this project is me using that “grimy” Baltimore rap to make a new authentic hip hop feel.” – Jayy Grams

Since that release, Jayy has earned himself some massive co-signs from prominent tastemakers in the industry. This includes DJ Wonder, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, Heather B from Sway In The Morning and many more. Having been compared to the likes of Big L, Jayy Grams is well ahead of his time and has the focus on bringing a much-needed sound and energy back to hip-hop.

Stay tuned for a lot more from Jayy and the LOWFi movement!