New Jersey native, Bank Baby is back like he never left! This time he drops off his latest release the Jay Cornell produced record titled, “Jack and Jill”.


Bank Baby first tapped into his musical talent while he was still in middle school and by his teenage years, the Jersey rapper began making music full-time. Chief Keef, Frank Ocean, Juice WRLD, and his older brother serve as inspirations in Bank Baby’s musical craft. One of the biggest influencers is Bank Baby’s brother, who is a well known DJ in Irvington and surrounding cities . While Bank would go and support him and help him set up for the many parties his brother spun at, it encouraged him to jumpstart his music career. 

Once Bank Baby began distributing his releases throughout his high school he began to garner a lot of positive feedback, enabling him to expand his fan base. Unlike other rappers coming out of the city, the Irvington rhymer has always enjoyed a variety of music which has set him apart from the stereotype that people who grow up in the exit 143 area only listens to trap, rap, and hip-hop.


The music Bank Baby curates highlights his expansive taste in music. For instance, the Garden State artist can get gritty on a record like his song “Trap House” which talked about a time in his life where he was only focused on getting to the money, or he can switch it up like he did on his single, “Jack N Jill” where he talks about his girlfriend and how she is someone that he loves and trusts.

His previous release, “Homicide”, has received so much love in such a short period of time because of its take on what would be considered a “Juice WRLD flow.”

Stay tuned, because these back to back hit singles are just the flood gates to what’s on the way. Although there aren’t any definitive details, one thing for sure is that there is a bigger project is coming soon!

Watch the exclusive video to “Jack and Jill” below.



Music Video Credits:

Song By: Bank Baby 

Jack and Jill Instrumental By: Jay Cornell 

Directed By: Kevin Von Puttkammer 

Produced By: Sarah Simpson 

Director Of Photography: Martin Matar

Assistant Director: Kate Kim

Gaffer/ Grip: John Valle

Hair and Make-Up: Anna Sofia Pegurier

Edited By: Kevin Von Puttkammer 

Assistant Cameras:  Ariel NathanLiam Aguilera KellyFabian Palacios | David Darlington 

Drone Footage: Ben Nelson 

Production Assistant: Sarah Evelyn | Noy SharonWeston Bering | Tahlia MunozJack Murtha | Carlo Auguste | Igor Crew 

Model In Black Light Scene: Lucia Foshee 

Model In Car: Cheyenne Lutek 

Chaser Instrumental By: Xtravulous 

“Homicide” Insturmental By: Gualabeatz 

Special Thanks To: Rafael Francisco | Gabriel Francisco | Fabian | David | Ricardo | Michi Nahki | Julia | Sarah | Heather | Quinn | Igor

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