After bouncing back from an inspiring life-threatening journey, San Jose heartthrob Mike Darole, formerly known as M.I.C., returns to music with a highly-anticipated re-introduction in the new mixtape, Hello.

Hello is impressive, a perfect jumping on point for both newfound fans and familiar fans looking to refresh themselves with the growth of the Bay Area-native. Throughout the project, Mike Darole indulges on several serious topics while sticking to the script and providing the ladies with that signature catchy smooth pop sound that previously developed his huge following. The content on this debut will turn many doubters into believers.

Hello feature guest appearances from Compton AV, YG, Ray J, B Martin, King Lil G, RJ, Justin Love, and Jerry Purpdrank.

Mike is currently on the road with King Lil G on the “Blessed By God Tour”.

Stream the 11-track introduction above, courtesy of Soundcloud.