Derek Pope is a west coast artist whose no stranger to finding a way to break through with his music. With a sonic background that takes influences from indie rock, pop, and trap, Pope combines his self-produced bangers with unique, introspective lyrics to create an evolving soundscape that challenges the boundaries of music as we know it.

After finding his footing in two self-produced EPs, Sunken City Redux and The Introverted Socialite, he kicks off his 2018 season with the first single “Hyrule Temple”, off his upcoming self produced 10-track LP, We’re All Strangers.

The track starts off almost immediately with buzzing 808s cemented underneath a synth line that makes you feel like there’s some sort of treasure chest right around the corner.

Pope bounces between melodic cadences: “Won’t you run it back, Hyrule Temple map? / Let me float like that”–  a nod to his personal vices, as well as a reference to the “Hyrule Temple” Super Smash Bros.

We’re All Strangers comes out February 16, check out the full new single below!