Bay area native, former Drop City Yacht Club member, singer/songwriter Elijah Grae dropped his first single “Rivals” last week and is causing much chatter!

Elijah Grae has penned hits for numerous headliners including Jake Miller’s “Tell Me You Love It” and E-40’s “Red Cup” featuring T-PainKid Ink and B.o.B. You may recall his crossover hit single “Crickets” (Grae produced the track) with hip hop trio, Drop City Yacht Club that racked up more than 10 million Spotify plays. But now Elijah Grae has gone solo, changing his musical direction to an edgier pop / R&B sound, with more new music coming soon.

The moody Elijah Grae EP, a collection of R&B-inflected bedroom jams as breezy as the cloud of weed smoke that inspired it, takes those occurrences and coats them in a universal veneer, yielding songs that touch on broad personal themes from love, heartache, loss, anger, and hope- all drawn from personal experiences.


With a tour slated for May 2018, check out his latest track “Rivals” which has been having the streets buzzing.

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