New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly acclaimed events that bring out many designers, wardrobe stylists, bloggers, entertainers, and beauty professionals from all over be world. It happens twice as year in February and September. This season the dates are September 6-14. Fashionable persons will be surrounded all around to see one thing—FASHION. People will be roaming the streets but they are most likely running to the next runway show or presentation. The goal is for you to attend these shows too.

If you have not attended NYFW, you will be in for a treat! Here are some exclusive tips on navigation through the madness:

  1. Start early with researching which events you would like to attend
  2. Connect with wardrobe stylists, models, hairstylists, and makeup artists because they are your best friends to get access to shows
  3. Browse Instagram pages of your favorite celebrities to see where they will be appearing
  4. Browse wardrobe stylists to see where they will be working
  5. Do not count on EventBrite to have exclusive tickets. EventBrite will have mostly pop up shops, shows, and after parties
  6. Media will be EVERYWHERE so do not be nervous or shy of photos taken
  7. Study the designer and dress accordingly to the vibe of the show. Standing out is great but if you dress in items the designer is showcasing it can score you an interview or possible feature to blogs
  8. It is okay to not have confirmed tickets. If you are fashionable and utilize your elevator pitch, then you may have a chance to walking in.
  9. Most importantly, have fun and soak up the environment in whatever you do
  10. Remember, if you are a blogger, writer, or Influencer your entry can be granted by applying. Browse official producers like Style Fashion Week, Art Hearts Fashion, Society Fashion Week , and the official calendar here.  


Post by Brian Lamont @mrbrianlamont