Nowadays, it seems that music is not only expressed from the sound of the artist.

Let’s not forget the other elements from behind the scenes that bring together the masterpiece; from the production aspect behind the sound to the artwork which expresses the artist’s sentiments of the body of work, before any fan gets a chance to actually hear the project.

The artwork plays a very big role in our era of hip-hop as it ties in the visual aspect, which is so essential today; it helps to express the feelings of the artist as well as the theme for the music being released. Many artists have used their artwork to help promote their music background from demonic, devilish, trippy, and other themes which all work together to create the perfect image for the artist’s project.

Throughout my segments, I have mentioned upcoming artists but I have seemed to have made a mistake by overlooking the new generation of music culture shifters who put the greatest projects to life with their graphic designing abilities.

A lack of appreciation for these designers and exposure can’t be argued when it comes to seeing the increasingly high-buzz that is built off their projects for the artist throughout social media outlets.

Although many seem to think the representation of the project isn’t a major concern, I would only argue that the artwork behind the project is one major element in expressing a story for any artist trying to reveal their feelings without releasing any music. Some of his most recognized published works are Chief Keef x Young Chop: Ice Cream, Cdot Honcho: Takeover, and King Louie: Tony 2, and more.

For this segment, we chopped it up with a talented graphic designer, Chicago native who goes by the alias, CreatedByZanic, some behind the artist type of ‘ish.  Working with many popular artists of our music culture, Zanic has done works for Fredo Santana, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Rich The Kid, and many others.  With these days in music, one doesn’t have to rap or sing to be a part of the limelight, as more now than ever, everybody putting into the vibe is getting their fair share of love & spotlight; all pieces to the puzzle are needed in order to make complete.  Everybody eats a piece of the pie.  So the support and positive feedback is deserving for this graphic designer, to help drive his passion in pushing the culture in more ways than some.

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“I put a lot of effort into creating unique concepts that haven’t been made before. Every detail matters and the more details that you add, the more your work will stand out.”

Zanic has found a way to bring his artwork alive with the use of details throughout; setting himself apart in more ways than one. Zanic uses his skills to express his client’s feelings into every piece with his ability that only a few designers have which add just the right details to flow the art and sound together. His artwork always finds a way to connect with his client’s sound, which is the main reason I had to go behind the scenes with him.

“When you are making artwork for a specific song, album cover, or etc you want to take key details out of the lyrics or title that expresses the meaning of the song.”

With minimal consideration, many designers in our era seem to only care about the check they receive after the work is done, and the bragging rights. When you look into the details of Zanic, you see a passion. This passion is what in my opinion helps Zanic bring his work alive.

“I feel like there are opportunities being missed by bigger companies and corporations that aren’t able to see my work. Its cool to get paid and gain a few followers for what I do freelance, but it could be so much bigger for me if the right people saw my work at the right time.”

It is our due diligence that we adhere to shared sentiment of pushing the culture forward and put folks onto some of the creators behind the music, behind the art; one thing always affecting the other.  Long will be the days of  talented designers like Zanic facing lack of recognition for their contributions to the music, the vibe. While the artwork is just one factor behind the music, it still plays a key role in the building of masterpiece for our music culture, reaching an exotic & diverse audience.  Not to mention exposing an entire other side of which could be adopted and cultivated. Today’s most recognizable musicians have had their music expressed in a new way, with the designs made from these talented designers like Zanic.

It is time to increase and really give it up to these designers, amplifying exposure and appreciation for their craft to help build their digital landscape.

Behind The Art

Don’t forget the art.  Increase the art.  Push the art.

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