Throughout the industry, while great musicians have received credit for their accomplishments, one aspect of their success that has been historically pushed to the back is the importance of the person behind the camera. While it is important to credit the artist, producers, promoters, videographers and others behind the scenes are as equally deserving of that recognition as well.

Chicago native, AzaeProductions is easily one of the most impactful videographers of the modern music era. Throughout the years his catalog has grown to over 400 music videos. Zae played a major role in the emergence of the Chicago Drill Music scene by being aware of his audience. He constantly created images that would represent the mood of the music.  Branding of sorts, from luxury cars, designer clothing, and mob-like groups  in different neighborhoods has been key elements to developing his professional music videos.

Zae’s relationships throughout the music community has helped him build up a audience that drives the music culture for greatness.  From his years of practice on his craft to his accomplishments with many artists like Chicago artists and out of state artists like 21 Savage and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

Looking back to all of videos that were shot by Zae, it is impressive to see Chicago artists like Lil Herb, King Louie, Chief Keef, and many others among them at the start of their career showing the growth of Zae.  The majority of the rappers buzzing out of Chicago were previously seen in music videos shot by the talented videographer, allowing him to create a legacy with every visual shot. It is clear to see that Zae is one of the games’ most reliable ones #BehindtheCamera.