Written by: Brian Lamont

R&B Grammy-Award Winning Artist & Producer Jermaine Elliott is a native of New York and lives his daily life in the studio, eating healthy, and playing the piano. Unlike most artists, he brings a fresh sound that R&B lovers cannot live without. At a young age of 2, his dad encouraged him to sing and be consistent at it. Jermaine says:

“Before I knew I could sing, I did not have any confidence because I only knew how to be a great producer. But after creating my own beats and unique sound to my music, my confidence grew tremendously.”

Jermaine’s talents have led to major collaborations with artists such as H.E.R, Tory Lanez, and DaniLeigh, gaining plays on large-scale radio airwaves, and to the stages of music festivals such as the SXSW 2017 Festival. With his passion and drive, he has had various major opportunities such as appearances in MTV music videos for major artists such as Bun B and Rev Run. In February, Elliott received a Grammy award for his contribution to H.E.R.’s self-titled project, which won Best R&B Album at the 61st Grammy Awards. Earlier this year, he released ‘S2D2,’ which is a collection of 4 tracks that are authentic, vibrant, and sensual tracks stemmed from everyday situations – love, life, and lessons learned.