The French and African artist Myna is back with a new single titled “Believe It.” In Myna’s world, she realizes her recent run of success is as “unbelievable.” Thus she is starting to “believe” that she is where she is. The single is a upbeat and motivational track captivating her “sass” and “confidence” as a musician. It’s boastful and humble at the same time, which separates “Believe It” from pack of other singing/rap singles; such as “Sponsor,” or “Problems.”

Another unique entity about the single is it’s slight use of afrobeats in production which pays homage to her roots. It gives a more universal sound her the single and help broadens the perspective to her to reach other audiences. Similar to another artist who uses afrobeats, Burna Boy, Myna has a platform to impact different audiences. Listen to her impact by listening below!

Stream Believe It – Myna Here


Myna has much more on the horizon! Stay tuned.

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