One of hip-hop’s favorite jewelers, Ben Baller drops new heat on his Instagram page just yesterday [01/22]. As a big name in accessorizing some of the most popular rappers in the game, he is for sure an all around trend setter.

This time, Baller reveals his custom pair of YEEZY Wave Runner 700s exclusively designed by @beat2heatrestorations. The kicks are similar to a pair also created for the popular blogger/stylist known as Scratchwear; however, Baller’s version is more blacked out versus Scratchwear’s extra orange detailing.

As a modern taste maker in hip hop, it is not hard to consider that Baller’s custom kicks will gain enough popularity to inspire Kanye himself. Fans have shown to genuinely love his pair as he’s received over 70 thousand likes on the Instagram post.

The original runners [as seen below] are 3-toned mixing layers of grey, blue, and white, with cream laces. It seems that we will have to wait on Kanye to see if this all-black look becomes apart of the new YEEZY collection.