Last Friday, on October 27th, Ty Dolla Sign released his long awaited, second studio album Beach House 3. Serving as the third installment of the series which started back in 2012 following his signing to Atlantic Records, Beach House 3 has been lingering on the minds of listeners since he announced that he was working on the project over a year ago. In the midst of it all, fans did receive a politically charged, star studded mixtape called Campaign; however, after hearing of one the most impressive debut albums of 2015, Free TC, the eagerness to hear what his next official project was going to sound like grew stronger.

Ty Dolla Sign is the feature king, without a doubt. From collaborations with artists all over the spectrum of sound such as Charlie XCX & Young Jeezy, the past few years have consisted of Ty murdering every track he touched in addition to his own releases. What elevated TY$ and captivated the ear is his peerless ability to seamlessly work with other artists; he fits on literally any kind of track. The only other artist to do that and do it comparably well is Kanye West, who he has music with as well. Whether featured on someone else’s song, or they’re featured on his, the cohesiveness fused together like boiling water and salt. This is what makes his music so appealing; there are always so many flavors. After years of solidifying his name and running the radio, we finally got another full length project featuring the likes of his OG’s DJ Mustard, & YG, Tory Lanez, legends The Dream & Lil Wayne, and of course Wiz Khalifa. Out of a tracklist of 20, here is the best of Beach House 3:

1. Famous
2. Famous Lies
3. Love U Better (Feat. Lil Wayne & The-Dream)
4. Ex (Feat. Yg)
5. Famous Excuses
6. Droptop In The Rain (Feat. Tory Lanez)
7. Don’t Judge Me (Feat. Future & Swae Lee)
8. Dawsin’s Breek (Feaet. Jeremih)
9. Don’t Sleep On Me (Feat. Future & 24Hrs)
10. Stare (Feat. Pharrell Williams & Wiz Khalifa)
11. Famous Friends
12. So Am I (Feat. Damian Marley & Skrillex)
13. Lil Favorite (Feat. Madeintyo)
14. In Your Phone (With Lauren Jauregui)
15. All The Time
16. Famous Amy
17. Side Effects
18. Famous Last Words
19. Message In A Bottle
20. Nate Howard Intro

No. 1 – Famous

As the first track of Beach House 3, “Famous” serves as an acoustic ode to desired progression and a near flawless lifestyle. Ty casually sings about the dream of being on a level so high that worries become faint memories. This song introduces the overall vibe of the album by presenting a sound that makes you feel like you’re literally sitting at the beach on the west coast, as the skies are dark and the waves are splashing quietly. “Famous” quickly coaxes listeners willing to pay attention, expecting us to hear Ty talking his shit on this one. As a first song, “Famous” did nothing but calmly spark curiosity.



No. 4 – Ex (ft. YG)

“Ex” just may go down as a classic. Featuring Ty’s day 1 and west coast goon YG, “Ex” takes us on a roller coaster of old & new school music. Produced by Ty himself, Bongo The Drum GAHD, & Young Berg, the sampling of the Bad Boy classic remix “Only You” by 112,  Biggie, and Mase had our heads bobbing harder than a bumpy car ride. As the two alternate verses about curving their old pieces to pursue a new one, and being a bird in the mix, “Ex” seemingly came out as a bop to no surprise; YG and TY$ together breed an instant classic. They’ve literally been doing this for years, since the “Toot It & Boot It” days.



No. 6 – Droptop In The Rain (ft. Tory Lanez)

Melodically, TY$ can sing the lyrics of a restaurant menu and it would sound amazing. This song starts off on calm note, but is greeted with heavy bass and drum kits seconds in, making it versatile enough to listen to at the beginning and end of a long night. Accompanied by yet another feature king, Tory Lanez, the two effortlessly float and pour their hearts out over the aspect of lust & attraction. As the first collaboration between Ty Dolla Sign and Tory Lanez, they created the exact dreamy vibe we could have expected.



No. 9 – Don’t Sleep On Me (ft. Future & 24hrs)

Something tells me that “Don’t Sleep On Me” was one of those songs Ty & Future laid down on the ‘Purple Reign’ tour back in 2015. This song would serve as the follow up to their last hit, “Campaign”, and also as Future’s second placement on the album. We know good and well that Ty Dolla Sign and Future are good for exemplifying a tough demeanor, yet are quick to get in their feelings. The song is about wanting one thing that will elevate any relationship: loyalty. Adding Atlanta’s 24hrs to the track only made the recipe richer. “Don’t Sleep On Me” is one of those songs on the album that people may initially listen through casually, but after running it back, they may come to wonder how they didn’t run it back the first time they heard it.



No. 10 – Stare (ft. Pharrell & Wiz Khalifa) 

Shoutout to whoever was the A&R for this album, because they put the best song right in the middle. Just in case listeners were falling off, this would’ve snatched the soul right back. It’s true; when you hear those 4 beat loops at the beginning of a song, you know the track is about to be straight heat. Produced by and featuring Pharrell, “Stare” is the best song on the album. Beach House 3 didn’t live up to the hype of Beach House 2 or Free TC. There were some good songs but all in all, it wasn’t what we expected from Ty Dolla Sign. This is the only song on the album that sounds like Ty in his prime. Side note: along with YG, Ty & Wiz together are like Dwayne Wade & Lebron James in Miami; the ultimate assault. “Stare” couldn’t get any better lyrically, production wise, or melodically. This is the best put-together song on the album.



No. 13 – Lil Favorite (ft. MadeinTYO)

“Lil Favorite” sounds the most like hip-hop in 2017. No shots, but the only difference here is that this song is actually filled with content. Ty floats on the beat, singing about taking a ‘player from a prospect to a starter’. As he repeats the chorus angelically as if it was gospel, MadeinTYO chimes in with the quickly heated bars. “Lil Favorite” is for the car ride, or for the sessions; it’s for when you need vibrant sounds to fill the atmosphere as you get lost in your own thoughts.


Stream Ty Dolla Signs Beach House 3 now via Apple Music or Spotify, and tell us what you’re favorite songs on the album are!

K. High