Los Angeles & London duo, two guys from opposite sides of the spectrum, Romeo from Los Angeles and Linden Jay from London, UK came together sometime in May 2016 to formulate their electric soul sub-genre of the R&B poll as FARR (pronounced –far-).  And although quite new as a duo, their longstanding love of and backgrounds in music was what brought on the coming of the minds as it pertained to bringing forth the melodic sounds of which they will soon be known across the world for.

Almost exactly one year ago, the two would meet and get it on a session.  And upon that first session, they would create their first single “Down”, sparking the interest of ears and platforms like ourselves, for instance.

Have you checked it out yet?

“It was kind of a last minute decision to put that one out first, we were listening to it and were like, “This is a great introduction.”  It’s a very  like, “Ah, that’s nice.”  It feels really good, a very palpable song, its uplifting.  It’s a vibe.” – Linden

A vibe, indeed.  Vocals touching ceilings and coming down without crashing, the beat exciting feelings, neither hurt nor damaging.  Their entire concept of a duo being built off of a vibe, Romeo and Linden came to the idea of starting their own group after collaborating on a number of songs via voice notes, and traveling back and forth between the UK and Cali.   A small stack leading to a forming body of work, it was a decision to create a vessel in order to distribute and streamline their creations.

 “It’s all been a very fluid, stumbling-upon-it process.” – Linden

The name FARR coming to them while dining for lunch out in LA back in January, after some back and forth and spit-balling of ideas, the tag ‘Feels About Right’ rang loudly and most true but was however long. F.A.R. being the acronyms associated, they met at ‘FAR’.  But while trying to solidify the name ‘FAR’, it was therefore unavailable, leading them to adding the extra R behind it, which was hilarious to the fact that in the matter of travel distance from both their origins, it was mad far from London to LA as well.

Carrying different skill-sets, Linden on the production , and Romeo on the singing, and while they both generate lyrics, together they make a perfect combination of funk and soul inspired with an edge.  Linden, coming from the eclectic London prestige of Jazz, rock, dance and House music, he phrased it as, “A big melting pot of everything I’ve been exposed to.”  From Jazz to metal, it was about a 10 year lapse of him honing his style to become more heavily delved in the production side.

Linden Jay (left); Romeo (right)

“There’s only like two types of music to us, good and bad music.  The genres kind of just blur all into one big pile.  It’s either a vibe or not a vibe, basically.” – Linden Jay

Growing up playing tons of different instruments as far as drums & guitar, Linden played the horns and keys as well, growing up in the music scene in London. And as time went on, he gradually got more and more in production where he then started writing, producing, and releasing tracks.

So while it all made sense, it did feel about right.

With both Linden and Romeo having a love for soul music, their influences would also match up with appreciation for classic greats like Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, obviously; and D’Angelo, Prince, and the 90s era sounds.  It giving them that nostalgic, classic feeling that their music seems to possess while still being mindful of today. Linden throws in a J Dilla as another source of inspiration to add to the list, as an example of modern day.

And although being totally reminiscent of back in the day, as those were great times, the world of new music and the more developing sounds, it’s a concept in its own.  While controversial, still creative, nonetheless.  So they stay open-minded.

“We kind of both have a lot of ties to modern music, but both came up on a lot of the same soul-90s R&B stuff.  And I think that right now, the place we’ve found ourselves in is, we have access to all of the sounds of right now, and we also have access to all the sounds of reminiscent melodies and guitar lines, horn lines, accents of the old music.  So we kind of like accidentally melted the two together, because of our involvement in both worlds.” -Romeo

Singing folk music as a kid, playing the violin and guitar, locking himself in his room for hours writing songs, Romeo would find solace in it all.  Building his studio in the back of his parents LA home, music as a profession was destined.

As two, joining their backgrounds and regional influences of the London edge & gloom with the sunshine of LA, their good natured-feel good music equates.  And the vibe always has to be there too, as the fluidity of their music reflects with that of a vibe, an effortless, energy-driven bond.

“We are not forcing ourselves to write songs right now, we are just writing because they keep happening; and I feel that, that’s a really big part of doing this project and how we come about the music.” – Romeo

And as far as the music goes, Romeo interjects, “We got songs!”

With “Down” already out, and video circulating, the next song to showcase, which they call “Blades” was just released last week Friday (May 12th) on their Soundcloud.  And this time, I was advised of their approach, “We flex a little more.”  Without comparing the two tracks, the only two out to show the tenacity of whats yet to come, “Down” and “Blades” are both uplifting, but this newest drop is a bit more aggressive.  Tougher.

And after “Blades” will come “Rebel Soul”.  Preparing to dish out really intense and thought-provoking tunes, there will also be undertone of pop and pop sensibility to the music; a trippy, kind of more funked out thing.

“We are trying to play the field and make sure that we’re not locking ourselves into any one sound.  But at the same time, everytime we write a song, it ends up sounding like us.” – Romeo

While there is notset date or time for an exact album release, the plan is to unload an EP at some point in the near future, as their catalog is solid and meant to be delivered and heard.

With the profession of making music, lately toiled with as a mode to generate income alone; spitting meaningless lines, sometimes, not about anything really, but a catchy phrase to an even catchier beat, we forget the privilege of being able to affect life.  There are two reasons one should make music, none of which should deduce to something only money can buy.

“One is for the 3.5 minutes length of a song, people can forget about the shackles of society and humanity, just let loose and feel great.  And the other is, maybe, have someone stop and think for a minute, and take a moment and have insight.”

No need to thank us, we’re just doing what we are suppose to.  Putting you on.