Beyoncé premiered her TV special with her recently released The Lion King: The Gift album back in July with the premire of the remake of The Lion King. She partnered up with ABC by premiering the making of the album. In which, she showed her twin babies, Rumi and Sir, and her oldest daughter Blue Ivy. It takes us behind the scenes of the documentary of the album. It took us through the creative process of each track and how the artists are the right ones for the track. We see how she brings the African culture onto the album. It shows dance practices, studio sessions and more.

We got to make way for Blue because she has bars and a voice for days. We know where she got it from, Houston finest Beyoncé! With Bey’s authenticity to be creative and taking her time to showing her appreciation and writing a love letter to the African culture is a beautiful thing. It makes us appreciate the album even more to know the deepness behind each track.

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