Written by: Nikai Rolle

After the tremendous success that is Beyoncé, The Lion King, and The Lion King: The Gift, the Queen Bey is in talks to extend her dealings with Disney.

According to Daily Mail, Disney is hoping to partner with B with the offer of “free reign” to make films. It’s only right after starring in Jon Favreau’s The Lion King last month, the world’s largest entertainment company and Beyoncé would want to continue their relationship.

Beyonce’s deal with Disney for The Lion King was one of the biggest it has done to date. Now they want to expand it by giving her free reign to create her own movies under the Disney umbrella…” said an insider to the media outlet.

We all know Beyoncé is capable of not only wearing but killing the entrepreneurial lifestyle but we we don’t know if how Beyoncé feels about this potential new venture. She and her team have not yet to comment on the matter.