Written By: D’Shonda Brown

The #ShopBlack Interview Series is a new installation that shines light upon budding and booming Black-owned businesses ran by millennials and Gen-Z’ers who are heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. Last time we spoke with Clarence White, creative mind behind HIRE MORE, we spoke about all things style and fashion. Now, things have been kicked up a notch as he has been entrusted by the hands of Queen Bey and her Parkwood Entertainment family with the new BeySearch Collection exclusively on Shop Beyonce. Read below the in-depth interview between D’Shonda Brown and Clarence as they talk all types of tea about being inducted by the queen into her kingdom of fashion..

Hey, CL! Last time we spoke, we talked about your Hire More shirts and your incredible journey in fashion, now we have to catch up about your newest venture in fashion. Do you wanna take it away?


Hi D’Shonda! Yes, so I recently collaborated with Parkwood Entertainment and Beyonce to style her new Beysearch collection, which is available for purchase now on Beyonce.com


I mean, how? I mean, I know how – but how did this collaboration with Parkwood Entertainment come about? What was your vision and how did it come together?


It literally happened in a matter of two days. Per my previous work with Parkwood Ent. and Beyonce during the Formation World Tour, I gained friends at Parkwood who became family. So, a dear friend of mine who works very close to Beyonce reached out to me on a Friday to see if I’d be interested and available to style Bey’s new collection on Tuesday. I quickly responded ‘YES!’ To both. I mean who would turn the Queen down. This was a merch shoot so, her creative director and myself wanted to bring style, color and different levels on how to wear the merch. 

Your shirt “HIRE MORE” was seen on Yvette Noel-Schure and Bryon Javar on Saweetie’s social media. That shirt packs a powerful message because I, myself, am a Black publicist and Black writer and Black creative. How important was it to you to get this message across to other Blacks behind the scenes in the industry?

It was very important to get this message across to other Blacks behind the scenes in the industry because we must not only stick with each other but support each other. Nothing hurts more than what I call “black on black crime” in which you may arrive to a set per say and see another black creative just to not find out that they see you as a threat and would literally try to throw you under the bus to your white counterparts just to make themselves look good. When in all actuality we can all win out here. 


Beyonce is undeniably a rising icon in entertainment – how do you feel that her status and even her sense of style has influenced Black owned businesses today?


I feel Beyonce has worked so hard in her career to not only influence other black owned businesses but to also uplift them. She has stood up and spoke up for us time after time on all her platforms. Her sense of style now and even on her come up has influenced and inspired us all and that shows in other artist and her fans. I know it has with me. I can remember as a kid seeing the survivor video and begging my mom to buy me camouflage pants and a matching bandanna. 

Everyone says that Beyonce’s hustle and grind is unmatched. Sis dropped a surprise album on us, had three kids, gave a flawless performance at Coachella and still manages to be snatched. What three things can you take away from Beyonce that are advices, mantras, and routines that you follow?

Working alongside Beyonce and watching with my own eyes how hard she works makes me feel like I can do it all. What I myself have taken away from my experience and her is hard work, paying attention to detail and to never give up. 


Parkwood Entertainment encompasses many artists, and you’ve worked with many others as well. Who are your ideal collaborations and why?


 I actually don’t have an ideal collaboration. I just want to remain to work with genuine, creative individuals who thrive off of giving their all in their craft and who wants to teach the world that we can all be great without going against each other. 


CL White can be found on Instagram, @StyleMonster and, you can also learn more about him and shop the line now available for purchase online on Instagram @ShopBeyonce at shop.beyonce.com 

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