Meet artist Bianca Iman, she released her recent project “WYD”. We briefly chopped it up with her about the story behind this EP. Tune in below to read all about it!
Q:  Your music sound very soulful. How would you convey your sound?
A: That’s a great way to describe sound of this project. I would definitely say it is more R&B, with Neo soul and hip hop influences.
Q: How would you describe your music to new listeners?
A: Each song on the EP is written from my personal experiences with a touch of vibes I was trying to set for the listener to be able to connect with. The “vibes” come through in the metaphors that are open to interpretation.
Q: What inspired this project?
A: I definitely experimented a lot on this project. A couple of the records started as whole other songs that I kept revisiting and they eventually morphed into a whole other song.
I wanted to experiment with the production also. I knew that I wanted to let the beats breathe, and not over saturate them with lyrics. So in order to have these “moments” in the beats, they had to be edgy and different.
Q: What was the structure in how you put this project together?
A: The sequence of the songs were definitely intentional. I start off the project re-introducing myself to the listener with “Miss Me” and “Two In.” Then I get the feels going with “Feel”, “Selfless” and “Candy Apples”. Ending with “Back to bed” just felt right.
Q: What’s next for you?
A: I’m excited to continue to sharpen my craft and experiment with different genre’s. I discovered I could write raps at a very young age, and a rap project is definitely in the works!
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