Written by: LivengoodLivin

     The 31-year old rapper Big Sean has released a visual for his newest track “Single Again” which was based off his recent breakup with singer, Jhene Aiko, who is featured on the track. The visual was filmed in his hometown Detroit. The short film stars Keith Powers, Haha Davis and  the newest addition to the sitcom“Grown-ish”, Ryan Destiny (Whom is venturing into the R&B filed, stay tuned!)


    The video gives a few messages that relates to today’s reality and social problems, but one major important message is about how social media plays a big part in this generation. Its reference to people who use opinions on social media platforms to think for them, and it has a way of controlling the way people think things should be rather than seeing reality for what it truly is. A lot of people have problems with facing reality and don’t realize it, especially millennials. 


      Another major message is how men cope with cheating. The visual shows Big Sean being put on trial, posters that are in reference to freeing him after it is out that he has cheated on his girlfriend, and him being crucified. While you can argue it’s not anybody’s business, the tabloids blow up the story to cover bigger issues in society. It’s a reference to modern day news. Sean’s feeling where totally ignored and it points out how men feelings are disregarded if they have cheated or have been cheated on.


     Overall the 6 minute short film is filled with lessons for this generation to come to reality with themselves and think for themselves instead of living through technology. It’s unique concept for a song with R&B traits to capture! The film is a wake up call for society as a whole. To get a feel for the message, view the video below: