1LIFE2LIVE PRODUCTION own BIKERBOI SCOOTER is one of the Hottest new artist coming out of Brevard co.fl With his new self titled EP “SCOOTER the MAGNIFICENT” released Aug 5th on his birthday ” a gift to his fans” as he puts it . With tracks like “RUN IT UP” which reached 1m soundcloud hits,200k Spotify streams, and over 2m views on Worldstar,

His newly released single/video “TALK” bonus track #7 off the EP is out now streaming on all major digital platforms.

“Talk” definitely takes me back to how I felt when “Lovers and Friends” dropped, was that your intention to bring the slow grind back to the clubs?

My intentions was to bring that old school slow flow with new age vybes, not only in the clubs, but to my listeners and supporters as well.

“Talk” is definitely a soundtrack for the digital age, what was you inspiration behind creating the track?

What inspired the track was my life, things that I really be doing not like other artist that be cappin in their music about jets and foreigns.

Looking at your YouTube channel, there are quite a few BTS videos leading up the release of the project, you’ve been grinding a long time. What is one thing you want people to know about you and your music?

There isn’t just one thing I can name that I want people to know about my music. I been through the inevitable everyday challenges that we face, theres a number of expressions I go through when creating art.

Last year you dropped the club banger “Run It Up”, which received quite a few views; with that type of love between the two videos, what can fans expect from your upcoming project?

My up and coming projects will be a mixture of creative art that will be embraced by the entire world! If I can reach someone with my lyrics and change a person/s life my goal is accomplished. #1life2live