Billboard P is ready to take it back to streets. I’m talking that New York gritty rap. It’s time to elevate and he’s putting New Jersey back on the map. Billboard P makes sure he sticks to script and he’s not stepping out of his character. His delivery and punch lines will have you rewinding back. Billboard P has a unique voice that stands out. Should catch your attention unlike no other. He’s far from that normal soundcloud rap. His flow takes you back to that early 2000’s era. When Dipset, D-Block, and 50 Cent ran the game.

Chubby prides himself on making music with subject matter. Being a family guy and giving a hand to the next generation of New Jersey artist. He’s actually building a studio right now and is ready to go back in the studio full blast. Billboard P was featured on a record called “Ring” that got so much attention from blogs. It’s now Billboard P time to take advantage of the momentum. This time around he’s ready to drop something that going to keep the blogs on their toes. With all eyes on him. The question is will he make it or break it. The time is now and the clock is ticking.

Billboard P has decided to re-release his single “Chubby” which made big noise in New Jersey. Now it’s time for the internet to catch on. Now with putting these two together this could really bloom to be a hit. The energy on this record makes you want to go spend money. Or just do it big and flex on your haters. It’s something to motivate the hood. Billboard P is rocking with this one heavy and you can feel the energy. Don’t sleep on this one. Go ahead and check it out streaming below.