Written By: Autumn Myers
Remember in the late 90s and early 2000s where artists seem to pop up and take over the music scene. We would hear hits from artists such as LaToya, Chingy, the St. Lunatics, and more that seemed to vanish from the spotlight. We always heard the stories of rumored beef and how they may have been blackballed from the industry. But, before the booming blog and social media era that we have now, we never had a clue where our top charting faves went.

That is until BET launched the digital series on their YouTube channel entitled #FindingBET. A series dedicated to finding which rock our once favorite artist is hiding under. The series went viral when the Nivea episode debuted and fans learned of how both of her children’s fathers (The-Dream & Lil Wayne) left the majority of the paternity duties on her shoulders. We also learned that the “Don’t Mess With My Man” star had trouble with her record label due to her being “too pop” or not attractive enough to market. She expressed that urban radio during 2006 was not playing her records due to the sound shift in music at that time. The episode continued to open up about her failed relationships and her co-parenting trials with her children’s fathers. The episode initially broke fans heart and opened up a conversation about how women are treated within the Hip-Hop industry. With outpouring support from fans and blogs, BET found a hit series that focused on the culture and storytelling from the artist’s perspective.

The most recent episode caught up with “Right Thurr” artist, Chingy, and how his career unfolded before our eyes. The episode dove deep into the beef between his label Disturbing Tha Peace, Hip-Hop artist Nelly, and the industry. It put to rest a lot of the rumors that speculated around him and why he was blackballed from the industry. But as I continue to binge on these episodes that feature J-Kwon, J. Holiday, and more; we see how the industry was quick to pick up an artist and how fast they were to drop their career. It makes you realize the industry is much darker than the bling and beautiful women that distract us from what happens behind the scenes.
Overall, this series is definitely worth the binge and needed for the culture. Thanks to this series your once favorite artist finally has the spotlight to tell their truth and how the industry affected them. You can catch up and start binging on #FindingBET on BET’s YouTube channel.

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