Rick Ross dropped quite a bomb on his “Idols Become Rivals,” track.

In the song, he dissed Birdman while showing respect towards Lil Wayne. Birdman got a chance to speak with Billboard where he addressed the record and the subliminals. According to the Cash Money president, “numbers” is what’s important.

Birdman said, “I don’t get caught up in hoe sh*t, man. I just keep doing what I’m doing and keep pushing. I don’t get caught up in that, I don’t play like that. I’m a man and I stand my ground and I do my thing. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s all I give a fuck about: numbers, and puttin’ them up.”

Ross also got a chance to chop it up with Billboard prior to the single being released in which he described the song as being a letter to a former idol. He said, “It’s basically me writing a letter to someone in the game that I looked up to damn near the most and I hate what things have come to.”

Rozay took to Instagram to show his support for Wayne with a caption reading, “The Level of respect and Love that I have for WAYNE makes it hard to sit back and not speak on the situation. The streets need you.  Being a Boss means having the courage to say the things everybody thinking but scared to say.  I can’t wait for you to hear it.Midnight. #idolsbecomerivals”


Wayne responded to the kind words via Twitter saying, “dam big bro that msg hit me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start. I needed that. 1 boss 2 another.”