Just when the city needed a new summer anthem, Black Lion Society, Nick Speed, and Seven the General team up and drop brand new heat to give the fans just what they asked for. These lyrical emcees utilize their words to embody the neighborhood through their verses. To give a sense of understanding as to what type of feeling this new record brings, “Top Ten (Remix)” is to Detroit what Jay Z’s “Empire State Mind” is to New York. Both musical staples of what it is to grow up in those cities and a perfect representation of the location the rest of the world.

The latest single, “Top Ten (Remix)” talks about what it is to be a true Detroiter and only those raised in the town are conscious of the emphasis. The Black Lion Society recruited Nick Speed and Seven the General for the single. Which was a strategic music move considering they are both the Motor City’s youthful music legends. Reggie B shot the video, who kept it straightforward but genuine, while the single was masterfully produced by Rich Hustle.

Take a look at the official “Top Ten (Remix) video below.