The music industry is always changing. Every 5 years or so there is always a change. Either the music, the way it’s being promoted and marketed or the way it’s being sold. No matter what, you can’t get around change. To me change is all about evolving and being one with a difference. With saying that, streaming has pretty much given the music industry a second life. A label can now sign artist to a 360 deal and recoup the artist advance and budget. If you don’t know a 360 deal is a nice way of saying the record label gets a little piece of everything. Now, label reps will say this is the new era of being independent. A lot of artist consider this a partnership. Honestly, it’s more than a partnership. Reason why, the label get in on everything. You can play a roll in a movie and the label will get a piece of that. Back in the day merchandise would be a way for the artist to make money on the side. The label had no percentage on your merchandise. Now days merchandise is everything. It’s a million dollar industry actually with touring.

All to say this, Asap Rocky was one of the first artist to blow from blogging. If you are a blogger I’m sure you were receiving emails everyday then. Artist found out a new way of being heard to a online audience. You really didn’t need TV or Radio anymore. Blogs became a loophole for artist to be heard. A way to test out your audience and music. To get your content reviewed and shared on different platforms really opened the door for platforms like soundcloud. With Soundcloud around, it made it easy for blogs to embed on post. Thanks to blogging now you have a new wave of artist like Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, and Lil Uzi Vert leading the class. With labels seeing the vision they get streaming is the future.  Label executives are scrabbling to get involved into this new market. Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine now work at apple. Lyor Cohen is over at Youtube. Theses moves are happening for a reason.

With so many blogs coming on the scene. Blogging has now turned into the mixtape market. It’s now dead and played out. Unless it’s coming from platforms that make a impact in the culture. Understand Dailychiefers and PigeonsAndPlans are now working with the labels. Bloggers now have a new label according to Hitco A&R Aaron Reid. Now call them Research A&R’s. Think about it, bloggers do find the talent first and build the relationship with up and coming talent. Basically I’m saying, streaming and playlist are the new blogs. But just not that. Instagram itself is killing blogs. SaycheeseTV has one of the biggest platforms on IG at this time. Also podcast art taking off, look at NoJumper. Adam 22 founder of NoJumper just inked a deal with Atlantic Records. Blogging is a form of press release but right now it’s all about clout. The right playlist on Spotify is bigger than your local radio station. With streaming counting as sells, anyone can go gold or platinum with a push of a button. It’s so many loopholes in the system that I don’t want to get started.