While Mothers day weekend was and is always filled with love and appreciation!

This year Oakland California, Bay Area residents received just a bit more!

An experience of a lifetime!


The 2018 Blurry Vision Music festival was a two day experience featuring acts such as Majid Jordan who graced the stage with their signature alternative R&B tones Saturday, The angelic stylings of Alina Baraz, who debuted her solo EP The Color of You earlier this year and Up and coming game changers Clairo, R&B singer Xavier Omar, and  OVO sound artist Roy Wood$ who graced the stage not once but twice.


While I did enjoy many of the amazing acts I wouldn’t be a music enthusiast and avid foodie without highlighting not only my favorite acts but also the delicious food!! ( But don’t worry i’ll start with the acts)


Its safe to say that Blurry Vision Festival Goers were  blown away by the Force that is OVO sound! Giving us not one but three incredible acts. Roy wood$, Majid Jordan, and my personal favorite DVSN.

However out of the three DVSN stood out to me incredibly because of his versatility much like Roy Wood$ DVSN used the stage to flex his creativity playing into not only pop and Hip Hop but also deep RNB and Reagee tones, even so much as giving his background singer a chance to grace the stage with her beautiful voice! ( I do wish I caught her name).

But that wasn’t all DVSN blew me away time and time again with his covers to some top RNB Hits. Definetly a show stopper!


Next up BROCKHAMPTON. Embarrassingly enough ( Though I’m sure I’m not alone) I had no idea there were so many members of the group! But aside from that, the supergroup did an outstanding job of commanding the stage and giving spectators an incomparable show. A show filled with new/unreleased music, completely sonically different tones (seeing as though no artist in the group is the same as the last) and

thought-provoking conversation. Including Mass incarceration, BLM and Gay rights. Definitely a powerful performance


My next favorite would have to be Joji. I personally like to consider him an angelic Rock star. Why you ask Because while his music does give you an unbelievable calming feeling, His performance presence is the complete opposite. Throwing New underwear at the crowd and burping on the mic quite. WHAT ?!

The show was also some what of a Home Coming For Oakland’s Very Own KAMIYAH!! SUPER DOPE








Last but certainly not least Saturday and Sundays Headliners SZA and MIGOS closed the show on a high note! This was my first time seeing the TDE first lady live, and I must say she was exactly what I expected and then some. Stealing the show with her beautiful Vocals and radiant personality, Tieing in some rather relatable life experiences as they related to the singles.




While I did see the Migos Live in concert a month Prior for the first time at Broccoli City I didn’t mind seeing them again! The trio has everything from smoke machines to LED flames in the background making for quite the experience !! ( I couldn’t stop screaming MIGOS! Every time DJ Durel Dropped the beat! )


Now let’s talk food!

strictlyvegans Reagge wrap was amazing a wonderful mix of all the lovely Carribean favors I enjoy without the guilt!


My Second favorite would have to be hooktminidoughnuts 

Cookies and Creme Donuts !! I couldn’t even explain them just know that I bought them three times


With all that being said My First time in Oakland was one for the books!

Thank You Blurryvisionfest

All Photos Taken By abel_ja_