Written by: LivengoodLivin

2019 has been Ari Lennox’s breakout year with an incredibly successful mainstream debut in “Shea Butter Baby,” a tour with the respective album main, a XXL cover, and features on multiple other successful projects! Ari Lennox has proved to not only the music industry but fans around the world that she is here to stay for a long time. When you first listen to her, you instantly think of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott but the video for “BMO” proves so much more than that. 


Sure, she has a similar jazzy, smooth, and ultra peaceful neo-soul sound that attracted millions of fans throughout the world but it’s her millennial creativity that she showcases in the “BMO” video. Setting her apart as one of the current powerhouses in R&B. She pays homage to multiple classic R&B video tropes while adding a youthful twist to it and it comes out great! 


Produced by Omen, Elite, and Ron Gilmore, the “BMO” video stays true to the purpose of the track while adding in a 2000s twist to it. Ari Lennox gets in touch with her seductive side similar to that of classic Brandy and Letoya Luckett videos in order to captivate viewers while adding in modern day aesthetics such as twerking to make it akin to women of all decades. 


Throughout the video, she is seducing a man with her beauty, voice, and she sinfully enduces a playful trance with him while embracing her own womanhood. Overall, the video is colorful, creative, pays homage to classic R&B videos of the 90s and mid 2000s, and shows the power of Ari’s modern creativity. “BMO” the song is already deserving of the high acclaim it’s been getting this year, the video just adds to the greatness of the song.


Watch The Video For “BMO” Below