Living in the age of information and innovation, it makes sense that the auto industry would follow suit and develop a new generation of vehicles that will also be capable of registering information, become artificially self-aware, and feature eclectic, new-age, modern design. Fortunately, the German-engineered automobile company, BMW, has developed one of the more interestingly complex concept cars we’ve ever seen in the BMW VISION NEXT 100.

Motor engineering details have yet to be fully revealed or possibly developed as of yet but the BMW VISION NEXT 100 features a retractable roof, updated above head butterfly door technology, illuminated frontal grills, vertical streaking headlights, a brand new diamond-shaped technology that literally shapeshifts and adjust with every wheel turn exposing red luminous lighting throughout the vehicle’s wheel wells and frame, as a windshield head-up navigation system equipped with forever developing artificial intelligence closes out the thus far revealed innovation of the vehicle. The vehicle can also be driven autonomously or manually by the driver with the car’s collapsible steering wheel.

BMW’s design team utilized innovative cues from past designs in combination with never before seen tech that will soon become common in the automobile industry. The German automobile company also revealed that they wanted to curate an anonymous vehicle [which is ironic being that there’s nothing on the road like it] with artificial intelligence capable of personalizing your transportation experience and satisfying your every vehicle necessity.

Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk, has provided vehicle enthusiasts with an inside look at BMW’s latest concept car known as the BMW VISION NEXT 100 in the video below. With that said, could this be the wave or the blueprint for the next generation of automobiles? Drop your thoughts on BMW’s latest offering in the comment section below.

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Photos By BMW