Stepping into the room, I see nothing but happy people and alcohol while celebrating NYC rapper Border Buck’s latest project “What Ya Life Like.” However, his life was the opposite of this feeling until recently. Growing up between New York City and North Philly Badlands, Buck is no stranger to tough environments.

I love song 1-9 but one particular song I love is ‘Hustler’s Dream.’ It’s meant to shine light what’s going on in the streets and My Life.” – Border Buck

The pain, struggle and determination it took to overcome his upbringing is reflected in “What Ya Life Like”. Over heavy boom bap beats and eerie melodies created by producers like Triple A, J Demers and TriForce, Border Buck uses his deep voice to weave harrowing tales of heavy losses, near misses, and ultimately the story of persevering through it all.

A heavy dose of gangster topic but vivid lyrical wordplay is present throughout the project. stemming from the projects he grew up at, it serves as a vivid testimony to everything he has overcame in life and continues to build.

My top five favorite gangster but also lyrical rappers of all time are Jeezy, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, and Lil Wayne. Especially Lil Wayne, he used multiple techniques such as his persona in Carter 2. Every session before dropping the project, I listened to Carter 2 to put myself in the mood. – Border Buck

This project is meant for him to establish his brand, similar to his favorite artist that came out of Harlem Killa Cam. “Artistry is more than just dropping music, it’s about building your team and image. Then elevating them to other platforms,” Border Told me with catchy trap music playing in the background.

Being so open and modest,  I got a feeling of ultimate gratitude from Border Bucks. Like it was similar to having the cousin in your family that you always want around. Overall, It was a good time listening to good music from a good artist! Also with the project, he dropped a visual titled “Up The Score.”