Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York up and coming artist, Rafi Malice makes his monumental mark. At a young age Rafi started to write music based on his life experiences and issues that were taking place in his enivorment. He now shares his new single, “Bad To The Bone” and discussed the unique process behind it. This single is a reflection of his upbringing mixed in with his love life.

“Bad to the bone could either be somebody who’s a rebel or just a savage like me. Being bad to the bone will always stay the same. There were people who were bad to the bone in the past and my son is gonna be bad to the bone in the future.”

He told us what inspired his music and how he uses it to be relatabe and genuine in today’s world.

“I make music reflecting on my past life experiences, things going on in the world, and straight vibes. I’m young and have a lot in store for my journey! My dreams are so big people laugh when they hear them, but they’ll regret that later lol. I have a certain energy that I give off that most people don’t t run into that often. I’m very energetic and I like playing around, but when it comes to business I like getting straight to the point. My goal in life is to make somebody’s day week or year and just just to make them happy when they hear my records! ”

Listen below!