Bronx up and coming artist, Storie strikes again with his new lit track, “XXL.” As he is known for his catchy hooks and fun wordplay, Storie takes it up a notch in this one. He continues to remains consistent and motivated to reach his pinnacle. He briefly explained to us what goes into his creative process and how he stays motivated to make music.

“To be honest there wasn’t a process I was featured in the Artist to watch section of the XXL Freshman issue and I thought what was a great way to capitalize on the moment. I was playing beats and When the hook flowed out naturally the rest was history. What keeps me inspired is my life experiences and my self motivation to be better on a daily basis. It’s through these experiences I’m able to connect with my listeners  and my listeners tell me to keep going because they know I’m passionate about what I create and the love it. All my music is commercial music. The type of music you can listen to in the club and feel good while listening to it. When you hear my music you know you’ve made the right decision.”

Growing up in the New York you may be exposed to many different walks of life and experiences. Storie uses music as a outlet to express himself and relate to others. The Bronx emcee also discussed his what the title of the song really means.

“It’s mean just that… everything I do is big, everything I represent is extraordinary. I represent… I am the gutta! This is bigger then just me I put on for my entire city! I surround myself with people who believe in me just as much as I believe in them… with that being said we push each other to the limit and beyond… How can I not be consistent?!”

To hear “XXL” click below!