Brooklyn-native, Eric Mack Jr. known as EJ Mackavelli, is a back with a fresh new single titled “Ski88.” Following up his previous street warmer, “No Fake Love” from last year, EJ Mackavelli proves again why he is a lyrcist that is a force to be reckoned with.

Released under the Litt Music imprint based out of New York City, “Ski88” are for the guys in a similar situation as EJ — for when your back is against the wall, and how to keep your exposure during difficult times. EJ is all about expressing his feelings and attitude in his music and “Ski88″ is where the emotion came from getting held in a bad situation, in which his music could not be released. Now with that situation taken care of, EJ Mackavelli is ready to work and starts off the new year hot.

Check out “Ski88” by EJ Mackavelli below and keep your eyes peeled for more content from EJ in the coming months.