The Borough of Brooklyn is home to some real game changers when it comes to the genre of Hip Hop. To keep tradition the American Hip Hop collective Gangtivity has been shaking the streets of Flatbush for the past few years killing the underground scene in Brooklyn since 2010. With hit singles such as Out Here, Regardless and Chart Topping featured single “Gangtivity”. The Rap collective “Gangtivity” Bam Vito, Fleego, and Mitch ( a later became a member in 2014) Each Bring a unique touch to the genre. Bam ( the more rugged Rockstar member ) Mitch ( the backpack hipster style guy ) and Fleego ( the flashy smoove guy ) Creating a new sound the New York Music scene hasn’t seen in a while.

For Gangtivity it’s not just about creating great music, It’s about curating a positive movement tying in other upcoming rappers, record producers, tattoo artist, music video directors and fashion designers. Who all share similar interests in music, fashion, and art. Creating something that transcends far beyond Hit singles something more like a lifestyle.

As a showcase of all the work the trio has done they plan to release their first self-titled Project “GANGTIVITY” in July of 2018 with production by Muddi Gold, Teddy Da Don, & Cash Money Ap.

Though to get Momentum going Fleego & Bam Vito has decided to release a “summer wave” entitled “Reppin’” the mosh pit , high energy driven ready single and video produced by Muddi Gold and shot by Caged Cube. Gives off a dark, melodic vibe paired with a heavy Base line for Rappers Bam Vito & Fleego to flow over. The Hard Hitting Track Gives listers a hand full of genres to sample making for quite the unique Summer anthem. It’s not every day your given a trio that can deliver not only hard trap beats, but also high energy Rockstar Ready undertones, that can get even the most avid Hip Hop Listeners to possibly turn on a Metal Beat!

“Reppin’” is the summer single the city needed! Were calling out everyone. In a positive way to represent for whatever you stand for giving listeners real bars while they take a trip with us through a sick/creative visual experience! – Fleego

I think “Reppin” is a song you haven’t heard since “Jump” by Kris Kross but this is just the start this June, we’ll be giving even more vibes and sick flows! this is only the start to something we’ve been planning for years!- Bam Vito

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Total of Youtube views: 374,911 views

“ Gangtivity “ Feat Bam Vito & Fleego – 52k +

“ Money & Violence “ Feat Bam Vito – 133k +

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