Punch you in your face motherf****r I’ll knock ya Teeth out” raps the New York gorilla Casanova. If you aren’t familiar with the Brooklyn Bully, you definitely need to tune in. Today we’re taking a look at one of the newest hit makers out of New York, even before the long stemmed beef with him & tekashi 6ix9ine, Casanova has seemed to make his rounds in the industry with his Breakout hit “Set Trippin” which gained nationwide attention reaching over 14 million views on YouTube. Despite allegations involving the MC and his entourage when they allegedly attacked a group of people, which deemed to be untrue, Casanova is still going full force at the game.

If we were to put together a list of the most well put together projects of the year, Casanova’s “Commissary” would definitely fall onto our list amongst other great projects this year. Throughout the year Casanova has showed us more than determination, but perseverance and consistency to match the unbeatable work ethic. In a world full of mumble rap, and colorful hair, we need a gritty, street real gangster to bridge the gap and fill the void of authenticity that the industry has been missing for so long. With his well put together Drip, it’s safe to say Casanova was way ahead of his time and he’s been proving it all year, Hit after hit. With a baritone voice that sits perfectly over every beat he touches and meshes perfectly to help bring back real Hip Hop, it seems like we’ve got our eyes on a legend in the making. Stream Commissary below.