It’s not to many artist that soon as you hear their voice you are hooked. A delivery and voice tone is everything. People loved B.I.G. because of his voice and tone. He had lyrics of course but it was the charisma. Earl Sweatshirt is another artist that has a voice that catches your ear. Honestly it’s a natural good given talent. You can have the flows, lyrics, and style. But people have to like your voice to care about all the other stuff.  Or that distinctive tone that just stands out. Mick Jenkins from Chicago is another great example. He has that delivery and tone of voice that will reel you in. Rappers are a lot like preachers. They delivery a message to the people in the masses. With saying that, it’s time we introduce Bryan Bandit. This guy is sick with it. His flow and tone of voice is crazy. Sounds like a monster from down under. He has no gimmick maybe that’s the thing that’s hurting him.

Bryan Bandit has a sound that composes the midwest with the south. I’m not talking Nelly either. No disrespect to Nelly. Imagine Curren$y mixed with Retch. Soon as you see the visual for Bryan Bandit’s “Kut Throat” you will get it. He’s talking over LA and letting it be known. You can’t help not to pay attention to this guy. He’s posted at a nice mansion out in LA. Smoking big out in California and shooting a video. Living the life of a rapper on the rise. So far the visual is getting great reviews. If Bryan keeps up the content, 2019 could be a big year for him. His lyrics are nothing to sleep on. He may look like another soundcloud rapper but he’s far from mumbling. Subject matter are within his raps. Bryan Bandit also showcases his wordplay viciously. Check out his latest visual below.