Social media and the internet has created platforms for people to be creative and shed light on their craft. With the hilarious wide spread memes and videos generating from comedic internet users, every now and then social media consumers receive a sense of gratification with a chuckle here and there that makes their day.

Comical internet sensation, Joanne the Scammer, is a perfect example of the recent laughter across the internet. While swindling the laughs of social media frenzies, Branden Miller, the person behind Joanne the Scammer, uses the social media platform to hone in on his creative comedy craft.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Joanne the Scammer character vigorously breaking the internet, she is a character portrayed by Branden Miller, a comedian from Miami, FL. The messy Caucasian woman character in which he embodies, makes facetious jokes regarding being white and lives a lifestyle of scamming and drama. Joanne the Scammer makes it real clear in her videos that she “lives for drama” and that she’s a “messy bitch”.

Her frizzled blonde wig that sits atop her head also contributes to the messy approach in which Branden humorously executes on social media. The laughing experience one will get from watching the videos is an experience one can’t put into words. See it for yourself below:

I cannot believe……. I almost got caught…. #joannethescammer part 1

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The Joanne the Scammer character was unintentionally birthed when Branden one day uploaded a video with the concept of scamming included in it.  Deriving from his previous comedic character, Miss Prada, Joanne the Scammer caught the attention of millions because it is relatable to most. According to an interview with Paper Mag, Branden mentioned that his followers relate to Joanne and that they “…get to live vicariously through her”. Branden loves incorporating the “messy” component of Joanne because she is not perfect and it gives his followers something authentic to laugh about.

editorial-19-2-joanneIn this day and age of social media and the famous internet comedians that comes with it, you may ask yourself, will Joanne the Scammer still be relevant and funny several years from now? With the relatable and hilarious content Branden blesses the internet with, there just might be a chance of survival for Joanne years from now. Joanne’s pictures has been incorporated with memes created by her fans and recognized by celebrities such as Blac Chyna and Solange Knowles. From the way it looks now, Joanne the Scammer will continue to swindle the laughs of her followers in the social media world.

To see or watch hilarious videos from Joanne the Scammer, follow the social media handles below:

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