In the mid day of December 7th, the McRae Correctional Facility open their doors to set free Mark Anthony Myrie better know as Buju Banton. The nine year sentence confined the Grammy  award wining Reggae artist behind bars for drug conspiracy charges. Although many felt it was extensive, those feelings instantly diminished when a viral footage  showed first glimpse for the legendary Gargarmel. 

As the plane landed at  the Norman Manley Airport in Jamaica, the waiting area was filled to capacity with eager supporters of Buju Banton. The anticipation of Buju’s return home to Jamaica was similar to a scene out of “ Coming to America”. Dressed in a white sweater with a matching knitted head wrap and jeans with timberlands, he walked proudly across the floors of the airport.Buju’s wave to the airport workers was a candid moment that was captured. The photo reach the eyes of many people as the first photos of him throughout social media.

     The excitement continued as another worker pulled out his phone for a picture. That sparked more workers  to join in on another one of Buju’s “ Welcome Home “ photos. Towards his journey home, fans crowded his car at awe to see the great Gargarmel in person after almost a decade of being in prison. 

The next day his daughter, Abihail Myrie, shared a heartfelt moment on Instagram which showed her being in her fathers arms again. In her affectionate caption she stated, I missed you so much Im so happy to finally have you here. My heart is so full. How’d you make an exact replica of yourself though?? TWINNING!” Check out Abihail’s loving post.


Buju Banton’s father also express his happiness that his son is now back in Jamaica in this clip.

Across social media, the overwhelming love and support being given to the release of Buju Banton was simply amazing. Many fans and artist including his peers Beres Hammond and Sanchez share their humble thankfulness that Buju can finally be home. Jamaica wasn’t the only country excited for his release. Trinidad had their own Welcome Home celebration for Buju as well. 

 Days after his release, rumors spread that  Buju Banton has touch the studio with a new song. The song was meant to discuss the state of Dancehall music. Destine Media, Buju Banton PR, quickly shut down those rumors with this post. 

Although no new music as been released, Buju was photo with in a studio with top producer Lenky.

Buju Banton’s first media appearance is set to be in March of 2019. Will you be in attendance to see the great Gargamel? 


Written By Queen Lexyonce