At one point in time, Chicago’s Bump J was supposed to BLOW. Unfortunately, he served an eight-year bid for a 2007 robbery. He’s been released from prison for a little over a month now, and in Gucci-esque fashion, he hits the ground running- straight to the studio.

J linked with wave master Cardo to drop his first loosie, “Good 2 Be Home.” J is proving that he’s still lyrically sharp, and not a random person Kanye West shouts out on a record (Free Bump J/That nigga nice).

J is also rumored to be working with other artists like Jeremih and Rockie Fresh, who are both Chicago natives as well.

In an interview with XXL last summer, he talked about how he would fit in with today’s industry.

“I think it won’t be much different than when I was out,” he told XXL. “I’ve gotten better musically because I’m just a better man, mentally. So, I think hip-hop will love me just the same, if not more.”

Check the jam out below.