Last Week over 1000+ diverse CEO’s, creatives, mentors, brands ambassadors and entrepreneurs gathered in our Nations capital. For a weekend full of personal, professional, and entrepreneurial Growth Known as the BYOB (Bring Your Own Brand Retreat )

The two day Weekend event was filled with exceptional networking opportunities, space to bounce ideas, and countless chances to gain clarity on your goals!

As Blogger Brittney B puts it “A little mixture of Forbes x Coachella x Afrotech x ComplexCon”.

As a Journalist for the event, I was given an even more in-depth experience, an inside scoop if you will. As a result, I was given the opportunity to interview Ron Busby President and CEO of the U.S Black Chambers Inc.

In the Brief Interview, We Spoke about Entrepreneurship, Accountability and The Power of Music!

Check it out Below
Jocelyn – I know you mentioned that you made the shift from corporate to entrepreneurship. what was your biggest fear of making that shift?

Ron – the support that corporate America gives you. When you’re in corporate America, at the beginning of each year, they tell you “here are the goals for the year. here is our quarterly objective. Here is our monthly marching order or plan for the day. As an entrepreneur, you no longer have that. You have to create your own game plan. Many times as an entrepreneur, you have to get up each morning and put out what fire is brewing for the day and so, to try to stay on track, as an entrepreneur, when I first started off it was always a challenge because you’re always working in it versus working on it, and sometimes you have to create that, so, my advice for an entrepreneur, a young entrepreneur, anyone for that matter: I created a vision board. And that vision board I created early on, is the same, almost same, that I have today, it looks very similar. I remember when I created it, it didn’t make a lot of sense. I was creating it for a business that I had then, but if I look back 25 years later, it now all came together. I tell people to think as big as possible. You gotta really have “wow” dreams because you have to have something to work for. Working for someone else? They give you these “wow” dreams of theirs, and this is how you’re going to help them meet those objectives, and so you’ve got to create those same “wow” dreams for yourself when building your own brand as we said.

Jocelyn – I am actually an entrepreneur myself, and the assistant editor-in-chief for the Rapfest but I also have my own digital marketing company JARPR so when it comes to myself, I’m always looking to expand my team and grow. How did you get into finding who you wanted for your team and getting that support and trust?

Ron- I think having a Board of Directors is extremely valuable to young entrepreneurs. I think so often that young entrepreneurs will find a friend, maybe a previous classmate, somebody that they know well, get along with, but you don’t get the opportunity to pick your boss when you go to work. You don’t get the opportunity to pick the accountant.

Jocelyn- So the team picks you?

Ron- Not necessarily pick you, but you have to pick people that are not always going to say “yes,” that are going to challenge your thoughts. Pay people to sit on your Board. Don’t look for: “My cousin is an accountant so I’m going to let him be the accountant.”

Jocelyn- I agree!, Gives them a sense of accountability

Ron- Certainly

Jocelyn-  Here at the Rap Fest were Big on Pushing the culture Forward, and How Music Specifically Hip Hop Shapes the world. What are your thoughts on that?

Ron- Hip Hop Plays a Huge Role in Pushing the culture Forward, It moves it. Music and Hip Hop has almost become the pulse of the culture and certainly Plays a huge role in how entrepreneurship is viewed in our culture.

Jocelyn- I Don’t want to take Up to much of your time, But would could you give us Just a few Tips for New entrepreneurs or Freelancers

Ron- Absolutely! I would continue to educate myself. I think as small business owners, we don’t do enough for that. We don’t continue to learn and that’s why I tell young people, “I would not look at a job as just a job but instead as a new list of learned skills

Ron – And so if you’re going to be a freelancer, go find a freelancer, and say “I got the latest skills and technology. Let me help you grow your business. That business can grow enough to where they could either hire you or you goodbye them. But at least you’ll now have those skills!

Jocelyn-  Well thank you, Ron, that was incredibly insightful! I can’t wait to share this

Special thanks to Journalist unhiddengem

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