BYOB (Build Your Own Brand) Atlanta Edition

Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) was held in Atlanta,Georgia this year and it was such a rewarding investment to absorb all knowledge given by over 75 extraordinary panelists and 4 keynotes. Notable speakers included: Karen Civil, Dia Simms, Kela Walker, Kiki Ayers, Dominque Broadway, and many more. Though there were over 30 workshops/panels, they all were focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, finances, legal, and support services for businesses and brands.


“Respect goes a long ways. If you don’t feel respected, check their asses right in their path”- Karen Civil

“When you’re passionate about something, the content and jobs will come to you” –Brook England 

“Don’t take everything personal. If you don’t make press its okay. Maybe it just won’t your time this time, but there are other opportunities. Remember people do get busy and other people are pitching themselves to” – Derrian Perry

“Schedule in your self care. Do not let no one hijack your schedule” – Kyshira Moffett

“Dont harass people for press or pitching. It is not a good look” –Pauleanna Reid

“You can do so much with what you already have. If you don’t have anything, you do have a community. Find ways to make things happen”. – Bili Balogun


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Written by: Brian Lamont