Written By: Bryson “Boom” Paul

Akon’s debut single “Locked Up” was one the biggest Hip Hop song of 2004. Miami’s own Cadillac Shorty samples the classic to describe his own incarceration in the new video, “No Visits“. Featuring Billy BlueShorty showcases the harsh reality of prison in the heartfelt feature he literally wrote while incarcerated. Produced b Rippa Delahoya, Cadillac Shorty depicts the unique food, the aggressive environment and hopelessness that comes with being locked up.
“No Visits” is a powerful, buzz-worthy track that many can relate to with today’s prison system housing millions of inner-city communities. The video is a great launch for the rising star emerging to be a Miami household name in music. For more on the rising star, follow Cadillac Shorty on Instagram and Twitter.
Watch “No Visits” below.
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