Cap 1, Roosh Williams And Trae Tha Truth Kill The Track

As 2015 reaches its halfway mark, the Rapfest continues to be the force behind the rap industry’s hottest ciphers. This installment is the 10th in the series and proves to be just as efficient as the rest. The platform provided for talented newcomers to run alongside rap’s professionals, is what equips these Rapfest ciphers with a unique touch. It’s the best of both worlds! In this installment The Rapfest uplifts the hardcore component of the Hip Hop culture with a special respect to rapid wordplay. Cap 1Roosh Williams and Trae Tha Truth all get a piece of this instrumental and the rest is history. As usual Chris Zino bares witness to it all, capturing the visuals immaculately.

Cap 1, Roosh Williams and Trae Tha Truth hop on the beat like they have something to prove. Cap 1 sets things off powerfully, with rapid rhymes, and a fearless swag.  Roosh Williams steps in as the Up Next Artist and lets the world know that it’s his time. With an aggressive approach and a potent flow, Roosh falls right in line with this roster of proficient emcees. Trae Tha Truth provides a beautiful finish and gives nothing less than what is expected from the H-town heavy hitter. He takes on this beat effortlessly, in the vigorous manner he is known for.

These three are hungry and have proven so in this Series 10 cipher. Cap, Roosh, and Trae are all deeply rooted in the south and their timeless flows serves as the baseline that makes this installment run so smoothly. This series stands strong among the rest while also creating a lane of its own. Stay tuned for Series 11 dropping later this month.