Written by: Jasmine Johnson

CNN has reported that Cardi B. requested to trademark her signature “okkurr,” but was denied. According to the outlet, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found that the phrase is too commonplace for a trademark to be warranted.

She filed the trademark back in March by putting it to her merchandise that will take it as a precaution. The definition that was put on the application for the word is a phrase was put in a term or message that can be a variety of things in which can be conveyed in a sentence. It is the same as where you can replace the word “OK” or when someone is putting it in its place.

The Kardashians have used the phrase long before Cardi B. and that is why they denied the trademark. Even though it was denied, the Bronx rapper makes it known that it is her phrase no matter if it is a trademark or not.